Basic description

The PS-28 Cruiser is a double-seat, all-metal aircraft, arranged as a low-wing monoplane with cantilevered wings and conventional empennage.

The aircraft has a tricycle fixed landing gear of nose type.

The aircraft is type certified by EASA according to CS-LSA regulation and is approved for operation within Europe and other countries in the LSA category.


The wings are of all-metal main spar structure with a rear spar. Each of the two wings is attached to the center section fuselage by means of 6 shear bolts. Fuel tank is located in each wing with a capacity of 57 litres. Unique lockable storage compartment is located in each wing with a load capacity of 10kg each.

The wing tips are made from carbon-glass composite. Both wings are equipped with electrically controlled flaps and ailerons. The right aileron is fitted also with electrical trim.
Position and strobe lights are installed in the wing tips.


The aircraft tail unit consists of the vertical fin, the rudder, the horizontal stabilizer and the elevator with trim tabs. The elevator is well balanced by the electrically controlled trim of the elevator. The elevator is equipped also with a balance tab for aircraft better controllability and balance of the control forces.


The fuselage is designed as a semi monocoque conventional all-metal structure. The cockpit fixed frame and the movable frame are made from a composite. The main undercarriage is attached directly to the bottom part of the fuselage. The nose landing gear is attached to the firewall.


The PS-28 Cruiser boasts the most spacious and ergonomic cockpit in the Light Sport Aircraft category. The cockpit has front-up-opened cover and two side sliding windows. All windows are made from Plexiglass. Located to the rear of the pilot seats is a spacious baggage compartment.

The cockpit is equipped with an instrument panel holding all instruments in 3 separate panels. Individual control sticks and pedals provide the flight controls for both seats. The throttle is positioned on the centre console and the wheel brakes are located on the pedals.


Safe and Sound in the Air

Thanks to the all-metal structure, selected materials and modern processes involved in its production, the SportCruiser is a solid, safe and reliable machine, well-suited for years of intense use. It is designed to be flown frequently and actively, so that you can focus on flying, rather than on keeping your airplane in shape.