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  • 22 December, 2023

Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings from Cruiser Aircraft. Thank you for your trust in 2023. See you soon in 2024 🎄❄️🎅🏼✈️… Read More Continue reading
Air Update

All over the world

Cruiser aircraft are sold, operated and loved all over the world. This makes it easy to try them out, get spare parts and find support – wherever you happen to be.

670+ Aircraft

Commercial suppliers

Flight school partners


Best Value on the Market

Compared to average operating costs in general, Cruiser Aircraft offer great savings, while retaining their high reliability. Just look at the numbers: thanks to highly effective in-house development, easy and undemanding maintenance, very low number of life limited parts and no need for special airframe checks at the manufacturer, we have been able to cut the costs by a large margin.


11 000 Hours Certified Airframe

With a proven lifetime of 11 000 flight hours, almost double the standard among Light Sport Aircraft, and based on the results of fatigue tests performed in very close cooperation with specialist from Brno University of Technology, Cruiser aircraft are one of the most durable planes on the market.
Large Fleets, Large Savings

Thanks to their longevity, operating fleets of Cruiser aircraft will drastically cut your long-term operating costs.

An Aircraft for Life

In executive and recreational use, there’s next to no chance you’ll ever exceed the 11 000 hour lifetime of your airplane.

Direct Operating Costs

Total approved aircraft life time (FH): 11 000
Total FH / year: 500
Total FH / year: 500
Scheduled maintenance cost / 1 FH (EUR): 7,75 €
Maintenance Reserve / 1 FH (EUR): 6,71 €
DOC / 1 FH (EUR) (when using AVGAS fuel): 54,46 €
DOC / 1 FH (EUR) (when using MOGAS fuel): 40,06 €
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In-house Production A to Z

The whole process from resarch and design to manufacturing and final assembly is done in-house at Cruiser aircraft, ensuring reliability, longevity and smooth operation. No third-party kits of questionable origins are used. We take great pride in knowing our aircraft inside out and overseeing the whole production process ourselves to ensure maximum quality.

Game Changer for Flying Academies

We’re very happy to be working with the world’s leading flight schools. Thanks to our aircraft’s exceptional longevity, ease of use and financial efficiency, they turn to us to enlarge their fleets with state-of-the art training aircraft that will last them for years.
“We are very proud and excited to be able to deliver 4 extraordinary aircraft to the Aeroclubul României. I think that putting together an awesome airplane with a very prestigious flight school like the Aeroclubul României is the perfect combination for better and safer future pilots.”
Mr. Gabriel Oniga
CEO at Cruiser Aviation România (Bucharest, Romania)
“We, at FlyBy, after a thorough research of the market, decided to operate the PS-28 Cruisers. We now own 9 units and we have already logged nearly 3,000 flight hours with the PS-28 Cruiser. Both us and our customers are delighted with the performance, quality, comfort and the professionalism provided from Czech Aircraft Group staff to assist with the service of our airplanes.”
Mr. Alex Alvarez
CEO at FLYBYSCHOOL (Leon, Spain)
“Cruiser aircraft have been our go-to partner for new airplanes for some years now. The students love to fly their machines, while we save lots of costs on operation as well. It’s a win-win and we’re looking forward to our ongoing partnership for years to come.”
Mr. Martin Kuba
Head of Flight School AeroPrague (Prague, Czechia)