• Double-seat, all-metal low-wing monoplane construction
  • Cantilevered wings with conventional empennage
  • Fixed tricycle landing gear, nose type
  • Approved for operation in the USA and other countries


  • All-metal main spar structure, with a rear spar
  • Each wing has a 67-litre fuel tank and a lockable 10kg storage space
  • Carbon-glass composite wingtips with position and strobe lights
  • Electronic flaps and ailerons, electrical trim on right aileron


  • Vertical fin, rudder, horizontal stabilizer and elevator
  • Electrically controlled elevator trim
  • Elevator balance tab for better control and balance
  • Exceptional stability in flight thanks to balanced structure


  • Semi-monocoque, conventional all-metal structure
  • Composite materials used for cockpit fixed frame and movable frame
  • Main undercarriage fixed directly to the bottom part of the
  • fuselage
    Nose landing gear attached to a firewall


  • Highly ergonomic, and by far the most spacious in its class
  • Plexiglass canopy window with openable side windows
  • Luggage compartment with 18kg capacity
  • Dual flight control, adjustable pedals, climate control and more

Off the Charts Efficiency

Thanks to in-house research, design and manufacturing; the PS-28 Cruiser is a tremendously efficient machine. Compared to average operating costs in its category, it is by far one of the cheapest to fly, all the while adhering to strict quality standards and 11.000+ hours of lifetime.