Who we are

Cruiser aircraft are sold, operated and loved all over the world. This makes it easy to try them out, get spare parts and find support – wherever you happen to be.

  • Design
  • Research and development
  • Production of general aviation aircraft
  • EASA certified Light Sport Aircraft
  • S-LSA category in USA
  • Design organization approval and product organization approval by EASA
About us

A Reliable Partner

The company’s technological excellence and long term dedication to innovation makes Cruiser Aircraft one of the leaders in the light sport aircraft segment of the General Aviation market.


Design organization approval – EASA, part 21

Production organization approval – EASA, part 21

  • Sheet metal processing, precise CNC cutting and bending
  • Precise CNC maching
  • Steel, stainless steel and aluminium tig welding
  • Pop and solid pneumatic riveting
  • Parts and sub-assemblies in assembly jigs
  • Primer and design painting

Basic and advanced flight training capability

  • Basic and advanced flight training
  • Time building
  • Basic military pilot training
  • General leisure flying
  • Air tourism
  • Personal air transport

The Heart of Czech Aviation Industry

Our HQ and main production facility is located in the city of Kunovice, Czech Republic. The dawn of the aviation industry in the area goes back to 1934 when a group of aviation enthusiasts opened a small workshop and started to build gliders. Two years later, the famous Czech aviation company AVIA opened its factory here, operating as a repair facility for Junkers and Arado aircraft during WWII.

After the war, the city of Kunovice was involved in the repairs of almost all aircraft within the Czechoslovak airspace. New production facilities and an airport were built between 1950-1954, with thousands of aircraft types designed, developed and manufactured on the very same site where our HQ is today.

The city Kunovice and its surrounding area represent the heart of central-European aviation heritage, where generations of pilots have been trained, many serving in the WWII Czechoslovak RAF squadron, as well as on the Eastern front later in the war.


All over the globe

Our portfolio is focused on two-seat, all metal light sport aircraft with over 650 units delivered to customers in 30 countries all around the world.