Cruiser Aircraft USA, as the exclusive distributor for the SportCruiser in the USA, established a new location and partnership with FLT Academy! After a longstanding relationship with FLT Academy, Cruiser Aircraft USA based their SportCruiser sales and technical support team at Skypark Airport (KBTF) – home to one of the leading flight training organizations in the US.

With FLT Academy’s vast experience in operating and maintaining the SportCruiser and Cruiser Aircraft USA’s technical support system, we will also be establishing the first official Cruiser Aircraft Authorized Service Center. Our new facility will provide SportCruiser owners with reliable and experienced aircraft maintenance, as well as technical support, spare part supply and all things SportCruiser.
While we make this exciting transition, we ask all of our customers and SportCruiser owners for their patience and understanding – we promise to make this as seamless as possible.

For any SportCruiser questions or support, feel free to reach us via email or

We look forward to assisting you. Cruiser Aircraft USA