Cruiser aircraft is proud to announce delivery of the very first PS-28N Cruiser to France.

The aircraft bearing registration number F-HPSA will serve as demo aircraft for Cruiser Aircraft newly appointed representative for the French market, company Finesse Max having its seat in Haguenau.

The aircraft was handed over by the French representative in Kunovice on 21st May 2022.

PS-28N Cruiser presents next in the line, the significantly improved version of well-established and popular PS-28 Cruiser aircraft. Beside others major upgrade is certification from EASA for VFR Day & Night operation. The instrumental panel is now fully glass where back-up analogue gauges are replaced by Garmin G5 unit. The flap position switch is replaced by a three positional flap lever providing even more safety and comfort for the pilot. From the cockpit we can also highlight the canopy guides providing precise fit of the movable canopy frame to fixed so no damage occurs anymore. PS-28N Cruiser also brings new reinforced main landing gear legs and modified engine cowlings providing even better cooling in hot temperatures.

During the delivery act Tomas Banczi, Chairman of the board of the Cruiser Aircraft. said “This delivery presents a new start on the French market. We have been always considering the French market as one of the most important for us. In the past we have delivered there overall 23 PS-28 Cruisers. With all the significant improvements made on the aircraft we firmly believe that the PS-28 Cruiser will soon become one of the most popular basic and advanced flight trainer. This delivery presents a new start. 
I would like to welcome Finesse Max on the Cruiser Air raft board. With their experience and enthusiasm we are looking forward for a long cooperation.”

Commenting on the PS-28N Cruiser delivery and partnership appointment, Mr.Christian Stuck, CEO of Finesse Max, said, “PS-28N Cruiser is without any doubt one of the best Light Sport Aircraft in the World. It is perfectly suitable for the flight training, all in terms of design, durability, performance and operation costs. It is our pleasure to start a cooperation with the PS-28N Cruiser manufacturer and we certainly hope for a business success in France,”

A total of over 680 PS-28 Cruiser and SportCruiser aircraft have been already produced. EASA type certified PS-28 Cruiser and PS-28N Cruiser successfully fulfils its role of training aircraft in more than 30 flight schools all around Europe.